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What method is used to prevent moisture in container transportation by sea?

What method is used to prevent moisture in container transportation by sea? Why should sea transportation be moisture-proof? Container desiccant is used for sea export moisture-proof method, which is also called strong desiccant. It is mainly used in shipping containers to absorb the containers during ocean transportation or storage. The water vapor in the containers will condense into water droplets due to the ocean's high humidity climate and large changes in temperature between day and night." "Container Rain" to reduce the moisture content of the air in the container and prevent the occurrence of container rain.

Use and precautions of marine desiccant products

1. The desiccant can only function effectively in a closed environment, and the container desiccant is no exception. If it cannot be guaranteed that the desiccant is used in a confined space, the desiccant will never be able to absorb the moisture in the outside air that continuously enters.

2. The desiccant that has not been used up after unpacking should also be sealed and stored instead of being placed randomly. The desiccant must be sealed and stored, isolated from the outside air, and it will only be effective when it is used next time, otherwise the desiccant that will absorb saturated will be used next time, and it will no longer work.

3. The desiccant will increase its volume after absorbing water and humidity, so it needs proper space. Do not place objects on the desiccant to press the drying bag. The desiccant when the system is placed causes the contents to overflow after being compressed.

4. Please be careful during transportation to avoid damage to the inner and outer packaging; keep the transportation and storage environment cool and dry.

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