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What is the moisture absorption rate of desiccant?

What is the moisture absorption rate of desiccant? In the desiccant, we learned that the moisture absorption rate of the desiccant is the amount of moisture absorbed under the same packaging conditions. The moisture absorption rate of silica gel desiccant (when the temperature is 25 degrees and the humidity is 90 degrees) is 25%-30%. The moisture absorption rate measurement method is very simple, purely a physical test, that is, the initial weight of the desiccant is weighed and recorded. , Put it in the corresponding humidity and temperature conditions, weigh it once a day and record the weight once a day until the weight of the desiccant no longer increases, then the moisture absorption rate can be measured. (The final weight minus the initial weight)/initial weight*100%=moisture absorption rate, this 25%-30% moisture absorption rate is usually silica gel desiccant (transparent beads), which is also a common one on the market Desiccant. In addition, different desiccants have different moisture absorption rates.

Calcium chloride desiccant: Among all desiccants, it has the strongest moisture absorption effect and lasting moisture absorption. Its moisture absorption rate is six or seven times that of silica gel under normal circumstances, and its moisture absorption capacity in a shipping container can reach 300 %the above. Therefore, it is often used to prevent moisture from shipping containers. After all, due to the large temperature difference between day and night at sea, the environment is seriously humid!

Mineral desiccant is also called clay desiccant: the moisture absorption rate is about 18%-25% under normal temperature and humidity. The moisture absorption rate is comparable to high-quality silica gel, but the price is much cheaper than silica gel, and it is a natural mineral. It is non-toxic and harmless, and can be degraded naturally. It is a kind of environmentally friendly desiccant.

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