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The moisture-proof effect of container desiccant on cargo

Many people mistakenly believe that humidity in the container is inevitable. They think this is a natural phenomenon and inevitable, just like you will see dew on leaves in the morning. Cartons and other products are transported in containers, and rain drips from the containers on the cargo. So, can the phenomenon of transporting goods in containers be effectively avoided?

During the ocean transportation and storage of export goods by enterprises, due to the huge daily temperature difference at sea, the goods in the container often experience high temperature climate and strong daily temperature difference. The temperature changes between 0-60 degrees and the humidity reaches 98. %. The high-temperature air is rich in moisture, which locks the container during the day, and the temperature is low at night, reaching a supersaturated state. This environmentally friendly product is easily damp.

This is because high-temperature air contains more water than low-temperature air. For example, when the temperature is 30 and the relative humidity is 98%, the moisture content in the air is about 30. When the temperature drops from 30:00 to 18:00, the water vapor content will drop to 15.4g/m3, the excess water vapor will condense into water droplets on the inner wall of the container at a lower temperature. If the high moisture absorption desiccant drops on the product, it will directly lead to the formation and deterioration of the product. Therefore, it is necessary to place a certain amount of container desiccant to solve this problem.

Container desiccant

In the case of small container space, if the problem of artificial moisture prevention can be solved, the most effective way is to put the desiccant into the container in time to absorb the excess moisture, thereby preventing any damage The damp condition of the goods ensures the safety and dryness of exported products.

A correct view of the moisture-proof effect of container desiccant on cargo. Calcium chloride desiccant starts from understanding the use of container desiccant and thinking about desiccant. You are very welcome to explore the moisture-proof strategy of exported goods.

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