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The role of humidity card

Humidity card is a product that is rarely used in life, because it is rarely used in life, but it has a pivotal position in industrial production.

The humidity card is mainly used in the moisture-proof packaging of integrated circuits, circuit boards, optoelectronics, hardware products, electronic devices, etc. Its function is to monitor whether the humidity in the package exceeds the standard, whether the sealing performance of the package is qualified, and whether the desiccant has worked The role of drying and so on.

The humidity card looks very simple, a small card, a few small circles, some explanatory text, and the humidity indicator value , Which constitutes a humidity card. It looks very simple, but he has this not easy place is that he can change color with the humidity value of the air he comes into contact with.

There are two types of humidity cards: cobalt and cobalt-free:

With cobalt humidity card: intuitively judge the humidity status from the color change. The humidity card is blue when it is dry. If the color in the circle changes from blue to pink, it means that the humidity in the package has reached or exceeded the relative humidity value corresponding to the circle. The humidity card is reversible. If the humidity exceeds the corresponding humidity value, the color changes from blue to red. If the humidity is lower than the corresponding humidity value, the humidity card that has turned pink can be changed back to blue, but from pink back to blue. It takes a longer time to turn the color, and more desiccant is needed to restore the blue state of the humidity card.

The cobalt-free humidity indicator card is a convenient and cheap safe method for detecting environmental humidity. Users can quickly judge the humidity in the product package and the effect of the desiccant through the color on the card. If the humidity in the package exceeds or equals the humidity value, the corresponding point on the card will change from a dry color to a hygroscopic color, which can be used to easily know the effect of the desiccant.

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