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Desiccant principle

Desiccant refers to a type of substance that can remove water molecules from moist substances (solid, liquid or gas), thereby reducing the humidity of the environment. The desiccant can maintain the environmental humidity at a low level. In a dry environment, it can effectively inhibit the growth of mold and other bacteria. The oxidation process of the product slows down, the shelf life of the food is extended, and the economic benefit is improved.

Desiccants can be divided into chemical desiccants and physical desiccants according to their drying principles. Chemical desiccants are substances that can absorb moisture and are often accompanied by chemical reactions. Physical desiccants only absorb moisture without accompanying chemical reactions. The principle of physical desiccant mainly relies on adsorption to remove water molecules in moist materials, that is, the particles on the solid surface and the water molecules in various gases, liquids, etc. attract each other to adsorb them on the surface of solid materials. Most desiccants have many pores and a huge surface area.

At present, the most common application is silica gel desiccant, which belongs to physical adsorption. Silica gel itself is a neutral substance. Except for reacting with strong alkali and strong acid under certain conditions, it will not react with other substances. react. At the same time, silica gel is also the only desiccant that has passed the US FDA certification and can be used in direct contact with drugs and food. It is very safe.

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